This is one of the new models which Gibson is launching in 2015, this guitar looks a bit like a “melody maker”, much more known Gibson model.

The 2015 Gibson Les Paul Junior looks like a classic example of the “evolution” of the Gibson brand, well built, hi quality and attention for details.

One of the features on this instrument is a removable Les Paul pick guard, no screws are needed, lots of people like removing the pick guard

for some reasons (maybe for a “more rock look”?).

This guitar is the result of the Gibson experience in terms of tone, power and playability at an unbeatable price.

Well I guess that’s already enough, isn’t it?

But still, we have some cool “news” as the G-force tuning; it’s not something completely new cause Gibson has already introduced a previous tuner “machine” on

several other models.

This autotune system will save you from loosing lots of time tuning and re-tuning your instrument and will allow you to tune the guitar in different

tunings, keys and even open tunings.

Its predecessor was the Min-ETune.

This G force represents something like an evolution of this autotune system; It’s now possible to have up to 36 custom preset tunings, arranged in six banks.

You might change these at any time and then go back to the “factory presets”.

Let’s make an example:

The latest experiment I made as far as the tuning of my guitar amp was D G D G D D, basically an open G but without any major or minor notes and a strong “use” of the fifth.

It doesn’t really matter if you guys are up to play barre chords across all six strings using with a slide, this tuning will give you a strong rhythm guitar backing.

So that’s actually just one of the things you can do with this amazing G force.

But let’s go to the pick ups and electronics:

The new P-90ST is a classic “fat single-coil”, usually I prefer a guitar to have al least an humbucker, that’s basically more than my taste cause if for example you play hard rock or heavy metal, 1 single coil might not be

hard enough.

So in my opinion would have been better with 1 Humbucker + 1 single coil or a split turning the first into the single coil.

Ok, let’s go to the sound.

I’m quite experienced with playing gibson guitars which are actually between my favourite guitars ever..

Let’s start with the crunch, lots of sustain & very agressive compressed sound overall in general, the guitar has a lot of attack, and works pretty good

already not pushing too much on the gain, low gain and hi attack, that’s a classic prerogative of high quality guitars..

So in the end I would say that’s a very good guitar for playing everything from jazz up to the more commercial sides of hardrock.

For the more extreme players out there I’d suggest to check out maybe some more traditional Les Paul models which are more versatile for

metal or shredding in general.

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