Body Type Powerslide

Body Material Basswood

Neck Material Basswood (neck-through)

Bridge Pickup High-output tappable humbucking, dual coil

That was actually a nice surprise, I’ve been a peavey endorser since 2008 but I never took the time to check this instrument out.

Peavey did great and it’s pretty cheap as well.

The shape of this powerslide is same as a regular guitar, but the neck is of course not.

Open strings are D B G D B G but of course you can tune it as you want (standard tuning for example as the guitar), the tone control is very sensible, 200 $ for this instrument + gig bag &

strap, nice deal right?

Another tuning you can experiment a little bit with is: D, A, D, F#, A, D

In this case I strongly suggest to use those strings: 60, 48, 36, 26, 17, 15

Strings need to be thick in order to get the best out of the sound and sustain in general, also this particular “open D” tuning is awesome

for playing blues.

You could even try to play the instrument just as “pizzicato”, using your fingers, of course in this case the instrument doesn’t have a

“slide” connotation anymore but sounds more as an “Harp” in some ways.

The sound is just awesome , I had to admit I was a bit skeptical myself first.

The instrument keeps in tune and offer a lot of sustain, the sound is very smooth comparing to some other models which is actually what you really need

from an instrument like this.

The way the instrument and pickups are built shows that you’d be able to use tons of distortion without feedback problems or noise in general..

The low price of this “Poweslide” comes from the origin of the instrument, it’s built in China.

There’re different hooks on the body in order to be able to “wear” the instrument in different ways according to the position you use.

I’m not that experienced with “lap steel models” honestly but this looks like a very good and above all a modern one.

I heard some people complaining about the way this Powerslide looks, I personally think the look is killer but honestly I’m not really

interested in this aspect, as long as an instrument sounds good I’m fine, of course if some of you are going to perform live with one of those,

I totally get that the look is an important part of the show but I personally feel that the way this Powerslide looks is pretty good.

If you think that generally Peavey is known almost exclusively for their AMAZING amps (and in the 90s for the great guitars), I wouldn’t

have expected that they could manage to design, build and distribute a so nice “not exactly common” rock instrument.

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